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Since 2010, iMechanic has been Greenwood’s trusted partner for comprehensive device repairs. We hold a strong reputation for iPhone repair services and have expertise in fixing all types of cell phones and gadgets. Our Greenwood team values quality above all, offering a lifetime warranty on all repairs. We strive for convenience and ensure the majority of our repairs are completed on the same day. Need a screen repair? Just walk into our Greenwood store at your convenience – no appointment necessary! Your technology is our priority.

iMechanic Indianapolis South (Greenwood Area)

1155 East Stop 11 Road, Indianapolis, Indiana 46227

Phone: (317) 851-9727

We Repair it All: iMechanic Greenwood Indianapolis iPhone Repair, Cellphone Repair, iPad Repair & More!

The experts at iMechanic Greenwood are here for you! We understand that being without your device just can’t happen, that's why we repair it all.

Our services extend beyond just iPhones. Whether it's a broken iPad, a Macbook that needs a battery replacement, a cracked screen, or a need for data recovery, iMechanic Greenwood is equipped to handle it.

Best of all? There’s no appointment necessary! Just walk into our Greenwood store and we’ll have your device fixed the same day. Most repairs can be done 1 to 2 hours! iPad repairs and iPad screen replacements typically take 4 to 6 hours.

You don’t have to settle for a broken phone. We’ll fix any device for you! We keep all parts in stock and sell accessories to keep your gadgets safe. All of our repairs include a lifetime warranty.

Broken iPhone
Cellphone Repair

We don't just do iPhone repair! We fix all phones! A Samsung Galaxy screen repair works just like an iPhone screen repair. We repair it all! iMechanic Greenwood Indianapolis cellphone repair is here to get you back up and running.

iPhone Repair

Need an iPhone screen repair? No problem! We can fix that in 1-2 hours. Stop into our iMechanic Greenwood Indianapolis iPhone Repair location today!

Computer Repair

Hard Drives, Data Recovery, Screen Repair, Battery issues - iMechanic Greenwood Indianapolis Computer Repair has you covered. Stop in anytime!

iPad Repair
iPad Repair & Tablet Repair

iPad Repair, Galaxy Tab Repair and any other tablet - We fix them all! iMechanic Greenwood Indianapolis iPad repair always comes with a lifetime warranty!

Common iMechanic Greenwood Indianpolis Phone Repair Questions
What is the iMechanic Greenwood Indianapolis Screen Repair Warranty?

Our iMechanic Greenwood Indianapolis screen repair warranty is just like our other locations. It lasts a lifetime! We cover all replacement part defects and fix phone for free, no questions asked, no receipt requested, no games. The only way your iMechanic Greenwood Indianapolis phone repair warranty would be voided is if the phone is broken, water damaged, or jailbroken. Your Greenwood Indianapolis screen repair will be completed the same day. Stop in anytime!

Do I have to schedule an appointment for iMechanic Greenwood Indianapolis CellPhone Repair?

No! iMechanic Greenwood Indianapolis cellphone repair services do not require an appointment.

What is the turnaround time on iMechanic Greenwood Indianapolis iPhone Repair?

We stock all parts for the most popular cellphone repairs. iPhone repair is one of the most popular screen repairs and we turn those around in 1-2 hours! That's right, no next day iPhone repairs here! Your screen repair will be finished in no time at Greenwood Indianapolis fix phone!

I need a phone repair. Where is iMechanic Greenwood Indianapolis Phone Repair located?

You can bring your cellphone repair to us at 1155 E Stop 11 Road in the Greenwood area of Indianapolis, Indiana. We are located on Pendleton Pike just past Sunnyside Road. We are here any time from 10 AM to 7 PM Monday-Friday and from 10 AM to 5 PM on Saturdays. Free free to stop in anytime and enjoy our Greenwood Indianapolis fix phone services.

I plan on getting my iphone repair with you you. How much for your Greenwood Indianapolis Fix Phone services?

Greenwood Indianapolis cellphone repair can range in cost. There are thousands of Greenwood Indianapolis phone repair types and each range depending on part cost. We offer a lifetime warranty on all Greenwood Indianapolis iPhone repair and price match minus $5 dollars. Give us a call or visit the store for a free diagnostic

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iMechanic Greenwood Indianapolis
1155 East Stop 11 Road, Indianapolis, Indiana 46227

Phone: (317) 851-9727

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What our Customers Say!

“Talk about great customer service! This business and their employees went above and beyond to help fix our phone! They contacted the provider on our behalf, restored everything for us, and talked to us so we understood everything! The price was unbeatable!”

Beth M.

Beth M.

“They met my goals and needs and were very attentive to what I had serviced I would highly recommend using them for your cell phone needs or any kind of electronic needs. They were very detailed with their information.”

Heather T.

Heather T.

“I’m so glad to have these guys around!  I’ve taken my phone in twice and the first time they even resolved my issue for free (lint in a phone port)! My phone became unresponsive the other day so I brought it in and they had it fixed in two hours for only $25. I can’t recommend iMechanic highly enough.”

Mike S.

Mike S.