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K-12 School and Business Repair Services

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K-12 School Repairs.

iPad Repair and Chromebook repairs are the most popular educational units since hardback textbooks. Every year more and more schools trust iMechanic to repair their student's technology devices. We can handle any volume of repair.

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Industrial Business Repairs

Field workers work the most strenuous jobs in the world. They need to be able to communicate back to their home office effectively. Let us help you get your field workers in the right protective cases, and make sure their devices are always repaired.

Corporate Repair

It doesn't matter the size of your business. We know all of your corporate repair needs are serious business. We can offer your office pre-repair protection, bulk repair discounts, or single discounts. We want to be your go to source for all your office technology needs.

Bulk Repair

Become an iMechanic partner and save on all your repair needs. We repair it all: Screens, Batteries, Housings. Whatever your team needs, we are here for you.

Pre-Repair Protection

Protect your devices before they break. iMechanic handles all their own protection plans. We can give you the best protection at the best rates by cutting out the insurance middleman.


Companies don't just need repairs, they need accessories as well. Leverage our partnerships to get the best prices on bulk repairs. We have special partnerships with big brand companies that give you the best rates and extended warranties.

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