iMechanic Warranty Information

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Repair Warranty Information

iMechanic gives a limited lifetime warranty on all our replacement parts. The limited lifetime warranty covers: all mechanical functions of the replacement part. Our Limited Lifetime Warranty only covers the parts we replace. Batteries qualify for lifetime warranty as well. If the battery has been replaced and within one (1) year starts having issues such as: quick drain, inability to charge, or won’t boot the device. We will replace the battery. OVER A YEAR a battery is only considered defective if the device will not power on and/or possess the ability to charge beyond 10%. Refunds will only be given if your device is deemed unrepairable by an iMechanic technician.

Device has accidental damaged (Cracked Glass, Broken LCD, Damage),Waterdamaged, software manipulation(Jailbreaking) or if the Device has been opened breaking the tamper seal.
If you have had a screen replacement and the device begins to separate or lift up DO NOT PRESS DOWN. Immediately bring the device to the nearest iMechanic.
If the purchased part has any physical damage, we can under no circumstances offer a replacement.

Water Damage and Service Charges

Water Damage & Service Charges Refund Policy: Repairable devices: If the service doesn’t fully fix your device, we will apply any service charge towards a replacement part. Unrepairable Devices: Within 60 Days we will issue a full refund for a waterdamage/Labor charges. Refunds are only issued if the device are deemed unrepairable by an iMechanic Technician. If your device is repairable the service fee is discounted off of the repair price.

Pre-Owned or Refurbished Devices

Pre-Owned or Refurbished Devices: Full refund within 7 days of purchase
Identical exchange within 30 days of purchase. The device must be in the exact same condition it was sold in. 60 Day warranty against all defects.

Products and Accessories

Accessories: 7 Days full refund on accessories. 60 DAY EXCHANGE ONLY. Exchanges will only be accepted if accessory is defective and in like purchased condition. We will not issue an exchange for user damage or noticeable wear.